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IMPORTANT NOTE: If upgrading from version 1.8 or earlier, you should note that the folder structure for this package has changed. To automate this, and to avoid any problems upgrading, you should first download this script, and drag it into your project's "Editor" folder BEFORE importing the package below. Though this process should not affect any files or folders other than those created by A&B Software's middleware packages, it is always a good idea to backup your project before making any major changes. Once the script is dragged in, click "Tools" on the Unity menu, and choose "Restructure A&B Soft folders". Once it is done, you may then remove the script from your "Editor" folder and proceed to import the updated package.

SM2 1.949, full package
WARNING:If upgrading from 1.947 or earlier, note that the "Sprite" class has been refactored to "ManualSprite" for Unity 4.3 compatibility. If upgrading an existing project from SM2 1.1.5 or earlier, read this first.
If upgrading from 1.5 or 1.51, be sure to rebuild all atlases for all sprites once before opening sprites in the Sprite Timeline editor.