Size Sprites Wizard

The Size Sprites Wizard can size one or more sprites so that they will appear pixel-perfect at a desired resolution. This method does not use the "Pixel Perfect" setting on the sprite itself, and therefore, you can leave this option disabled so that the sprite can size itself proportionately if used at a different resolution.
Using the Size Sprites Wizard
  1. Make sure all of the sprites you wish to size have been assigned a default appearance. This varies by sprite/control type. For example, for a Sprite (SM2), this simply means setting the pixel dimensions. For a PackedSprite (SM2), this means assigning a static texture. For a UIButton (EZ GUI) this means assigning a texture to the "normal" state. For a UIRadioBtn, this means assigning a texture to button's default state (true or false). Etc.

  2. Click Custom->Size Sprites

  3. Select the options you wish to use (see table below for explanation of options) and then click "OK".
Only Apply To Selected
Only the currently selected sprites/controls (if any) will be sized.
Apply To All In Scene
Will apply sizing to all sprites in the scene.


This can override the height/width settings in any prefab instances in the scene. If this is a concern, check "Apply To All Prefabs" instead, and ensure all the sprites/controls in the current scene are associated with prefabs.
Apply To All Prefabs
Will apply sizing to all prefabs in the project (Assets/) folder and subfolders.


The scene may need to be re-opened after sizing for prefab instances in the scene to reflect the changes in their source prefabs.
Disable Pixel Perfect
All sprites to be sized will have their Pixel Perfect setting disabled.


Sprites with Pixel Perfect enabled will not be resized. So this option is useful if you have changed your mind and want to use this method of sizing the sprites instead.
Target Screen Height
The height, in pixels, at which the sprites should appear pixel-perfect. Ex: If you are developing for iPad landscape which is 1024x768, set this value to 768 so that sprites viewed at this resolution will appear pixel perfect.
Render Camera
The camera that will be used when rendering these sprites.


When sizing sprites pixel-perfect with the Size Sprites Wizard, either the Render Camera must be set to orthographic.