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EZ GUI supports the following control types:

  • Button (complete with “over”, “active” [pressed], and disabled states)
  • Toggle buttons (supports 2 or more states)
  • Radio buttons (mutually exclusive selection)
  • Progress bars
  • Slider controls
  • Scrollable lists (including scroll coasting)
  • Basic text input field


EZ GUI allows you to easily switch your GUI between various input types (mouse, touchpad, or ray) with a single selection. With EZ GUI, it is possible for your game to support both mouse and touchpad input, on various platforms, without having to change any settings.


Forget those bland, conventional controls you’re used to using! EZ GUI lets you realize your creative potential by letting you easily define the appearance of your controls using your own artwork, and then lets you define how the controls respond to input without writing any code by using the built-in Transition Editor. Instead of using a standard, “cookie-cutter” set of controls and menus, EZ GUI lets you tailor your GUI to suit your game’s style, not only in appearance, but also in how it moves and behaves.

What’s on the menu?

Using Panels, you can easily create impressive, multi-page menus and wizards, that behave in a way unique to your game.

Plays well with others.

EZ GUI supports all current Unity versions and works seamlessly with SpriteManager 2 which can add sprite animation to any of EZ GUI’s sprite-based controls.

Speed matters.

Based on some of the same technology as SpriteManager 2, every part of EZ GUI has been designed with mobile devices in mind. You can have a full GUI up and running for as little as a single draw call. And EZ GUI does everything to avoid run-time heap allocations/deletions which can cause notorious framerate stutter when the garbage collector runs on mobile devices.


EZ GUI even includes a fast, fully-featured tweening library which can be used to animate not only EZ GUI objects, but other objects in your game as well! All at no extra charge. And unlike other tweening libraries currently available, EZAnimator is designed to be mobile device-friendly by avoiding runtime heap allocation/deletion cycles, thereby helping to prevent the dreaded garbage collection stutters.


Showcase Teaser (D/L) – Showcases some of the things that can be accomplished using EZ GUI.
#1 – Button (D/L) – Setting up a basic scene, creating a button, using layers, and responding to input.
#2 – Checkbox (D/L) – Creating a checkbox, the UIManager, sizing controls, selecting a script to invoke.
#3 – Panels 1 (D/L) – Creating an auto-hide toolbar, and using the transition editor to animate transitions between states.
#4 – Panels 2 (D/L) – Creating and animating a navigable menu, sizing sprites/controls for a non-ortho camera.
#5 – Panels 3 (D/L) – Creating a wizard, setting up and using separate cameras.
SpriteText (D/L) – Creating fonts, SpriteText features, accessing through script
Scroll Lists – Creating a scroll list, creating list items, etc.

Sample Scenes

Simple demo scene (sprite animation effects created with SM2)

More coming soon…

Support Guarantee

Above and Beyond Software offers a full 60-day money-back guarantee. I will also guarantee e-mail and forum support for EZ GUI for 60 days from the time of purchase, after which support will continue to be offered as time and resources permit.

Third-Party Add-ons and Tools

Here is a growing list of third-party extensions to EZ GUI which take ease-of-use even further!


By Little Angel of The Ant Ranch