Grungifier_product_imageGrungifier allows you to add character and detail to your game’s lightmapped environmental models without the additional performance cost and memory overhead of other methods. This is accomplished by automatically merging “grungemaps” with your lightmaps. This means if you are already using Unity’s lightmapping in your scene, your lightmapped scenery can benefit from additional detail without any additional runtime performance or memory overhead!


Grungifier leverages your scene’s existing lightmaps, adding details, so there is no additional overhead, and your grungemap textures are not included in the final build, so even they don’t contribute to any additional memory or storage usage in your published game. This also means you can save texture memory by using more efficient repeating textures that would otherwise look repetitive and monotonous without Grungifier to break up the monotony.


⋅ Breaks up the monotony of repeating textures
⋅ No additional geometry
⋅ Details conform to irregular geometry
⋅ Virtually no additional memory usage as grunge details are stored in the existing lightmaps
⋅ Can render in a single pass, meaning less fillrate and draw calls compared to other methods of adding detail, such as decals.


Support Guarantee

E-mail and forum support for Grungifier are guaranteed for at least 60 days from the time of purchase, after which support will continue to be offered as time and resources permit.


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